How To Order

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Loyal Customers receive up to 45% off of all products – for life! It’s as easy as signing up, and setting up a 3 month auto-shipment which contains the product(s) of your choice. You can modify the shipment date and the product at anytime! This is the most popular option for customers because they love the products so much and this makes it easy. Plus, you earn PERK POINTS which count as $1 off (per point) your next purchase!

If you would like to sign-up as a Loyal Customer without setting up an auto-shipment, there is a one time $50.00 membership fee. This is a great deal because most people save that $50.00 on their first order!

You can also order as a retail customer with no discounts if you prefer!

Did I mention that you earn 10% back on every order? This is called our PERK POINTS  program for Loyal Customers and can be applied to any of your future orders. This is unprecedented and is not offered by any other company! Let us show you how much we care about your results and satisfaction!

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