How Much Do It Works Distributors Earn?! ♥♥


Of course, we earn commission! Commission can go all way the up to 40%. You will earn commission on all of your sales and all of the orders & sales in your entire down-line, to infinity! You can even unlock 9% commission raises! You are in charge of your pay! You can build your dreams! Let me help.
Oh, did I mention unlimited $100 Bonuses?!
This is one of our favorites! You have the chance to earn a $100 USD bonus EVERY time you help a friend do what you’re doing. Just help them enroll as a Distributor and find their first 2 loyal customers and you will be paid out $100 CASH We do this about 5-10 times each month. That means up to an extra $1000 for me! I LOVE IT WORKS who else loves all of these perks & bonuses?! #joinmytribe #itworksglobalgirl

Want to add ANOTHER $600 USD to your monthly pay?! YOU CAN! It Works offers a Car Bonus of $600 for enrolling 60 Loyal Customers! It sounds impossible, but trust me you CAN do it & I will help. What could YOU do with an extra $600?
You can earn it at anytime and be paid that bonus EVERY MONTH…FOREVER! (You are not obligated to use this on a “car” — it is paid as cash and you can use it for whatever you’d like).
Not to mention the Get Out Of Debt (GOOD) Bonus! This one is my favorite. $10,000!

Wrap Cash
One of the easiest and quickest ways to make money, WRAP CASH. As a Distributor, you’ll be purchasing 4 wraps for $46 using your wrap rewards. You then sell your individual wraps for $25-$45 each, depending on your country. That’s a HUGE profit! Everyone wants these wraps, just spread the word and make some money.

Chart of Average Earnings for It Works Distributors
From the Official Income Disclosure
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Simple Steps to Success

A lot of people aren’t sure how Network Marketing Companies like It Works operate. We have made it SO SIMPLE! Our entire company is built on three simple steps! Every month all I do is repeat these steps! Month after month. Every time Distributors successfully repeat them, our income and rank grows. It really is that easy! All 3 steps are outlined below.


Join by purchasing the jam-packed Business Builder Kit! Here is what you will receive:
– Box of 4 Body Wraps
– Fab Wrap to help hold the wraps in place
#IW Adventure Wristband
– Steps to Success Flyer
– Business / Voucher cards
– Product Catalogs
– 1st Month Free Website and back office
– Full training and support 🌻
– And the opportunity to build an amazing residual income for your family!
Now you have until the end of the month to get your FREE box of It Works! Essential Oils with your Business Builder Kit! Take advantage of getting this kit with this awesome promotion before it ends on May 31st at 11:59 PM CT 👈!



Do you know just 4 people who would like to tone up, feel healthier, have better skin or more energy? Then you can complete Step 2!! Help these people become Loyal Customers and get a discount on their products, free product credits, and great results! When you enroll 4 customers in 30 days you’ll unlock all the bonuses in the Compensation Plan! As an added bonus you’ll receive one Wrap Reward for every two customers you enroll for the life of your business! One wrap reward = half price box of wraps that you can sell for WRAP CASH! You will also earn commissions on selling your wraps and on the orders of your Loyal Customers! More about this later!

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Do you know just 3 people who could use some extra income? Maybe they need to pay off debt, or save for a vacation? Or maybe they are like me and want to build something in their spare time that can replace their full-time income! ❤️ Help 3 people join your team and them teach them to do exactly what you did! That’s it! You have now completed the 3 Steps to Success. Now let’s do it again and get you to Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond & Beyond!
If you can learn to complete and teach these 3 steps, you can reach any of the ranks in It Works! Even Black Diamond. 😮 ❤️

Who is ready to learn these simple steps?!

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Packs | Weight Loss | THE Shake


We have some amazing packages that combine our top products and save you money! 👏 Not only are they a HUGE savings, they also give you faster and more enhanced results by combining products that work together in synergy! 💪 METABOLIC BURN for OVERALL weight loss and overall health includes our new product – SHAKE! 💚 #plantbased #PROfit#itworksskinnypack #itworkstrio #itworksmetabolicburn
For those who want to target one area (such as the tummy) our TARGET TRIO is the pack for you!! There are so many to choose from.

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Real People, Real Stories, Real Paychecks

Now that you know about some of our amazing products, lets talk about how you can make money just by sharing them! Making It Works a part of your life, talking to people, and making friends is about all it takes! Below is a chart showing you what distributors in our company make each MONTH (in US dollars). Like all companies, It Works has to abide by laws and disclose their employees’ earnings – the chart below reflects real earnings made by real people. Just like you and me!

PLUS we have the Get Out Of Debt (GOOD) Bonus.

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It Works… For Your Salon!

It Works has so many amazing opportunities for stylists and salon owners! Imagine talking to your clients while they are in your chair and saying “Hey, have you heard of It Works?”. Or wearing your It Works shirt and having a client ask you “What is It Works?” Go on, tell them. 🙂

As a stylist sometimes you can get tapped out because there are only so many people you can provide services to in one day, right? This is a great opportunity for you to supplement your income. Imagine telling each of your clients about It Works and having the opportunity to make an additional profit from each customer.

Salon owners make excellent distributors for It Works products! You already have SO many people walking through your doors on a daily basis. Our wraps (Ultimate Body Applicators) are so easy to use and they are an excellent add-on service with a great profit margin. Plus, we have a wide-array of supplements, a quality skin-care line, essential oils and so much more!

Here are some tips for salon owners:

  • You can run specials, like “Wrap Wednesday” or advertise It Works on your lobby television or put marketing materials on your coffee table.
  • If you have a dedicated It Works promo day, have your staff decked out in their best green and black or official It Works shirts!
  • Recruit as many of your stylists to participate as Distributors as possible so it’s a “family affair”.
  • Order a “car decal” for your business’ window and/or your vehicle.
  • Blitz every person that comes in the door!
  • Display green and black balloons, a banner, or anything eye-catching in your salon.
  • Make it KNOWN that you represent It Works and that anyone in need of their products can come to you.
  • Have your receptionist ask each client if they would like a Wrap , Greens, Hair Skin & Nails, etc. with their appointment.
  • Have products displayed at your station.
  • Drink the greens! They WILL ask you whats in your cup.
  • Remember, you don’t know if you don’t ask!

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